Nonprofit leadership is an art. I'm here to help.

Visionary leaders have a lot on their plates. Sometimes our boldest ideas are perpetually put on hold while we tend to the day to day tasks of simply keeping our organizations afloat. 

My deep understanding of the nonprofit sector can help you tackle the task at hand, and my strategic planning abilities can help you turn your big ideas into reality.


Thirty years of advocacy, communications and development experience

I’ve been working in the nonprofit sector for most of my career, and I am committed to supporting projects with a purpose.

I have developed plans that transform the way people support arts organizations in their communities, and I have secured millions of dollars for arts and education programs, vital social services, and environmental projects from businesses, foundations, individuals, and government agencies. 

You can learn more about me here, or check out my profile on LinkedIn.


My services include...

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Communications and fundraising strategies

There's always room for more people to know about the great work that we do, and invest in it. I can help raise awareness through earned media, social media and grassroots advocacy campaigns, and I know how to design fundraising strategies that bring in vital resources.

Cultural planning and project proposals

Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? I help visionary leaders hone their ideas, craft succinct proposals, and write compelling narratives to win support from board members, elected officials, funders and other stakeholders.

Interim leadership and support

I served as the interim executive director of the Regional Arts & Culture Council for 18 months, and I enjoy helping nonprofits do great work in times of change. I may also be available to pitch in when a key position at your organization becomes unexpectedly vacant.


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Photo credits: The top image of Mt. Hood is from Portland Paper City, a crowdsourced art show curated by Marissa Green, Jessie Kaye and Rory Phillips. The collective works were displayed at Disjecta in Spring of 2011.


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